Our Clients Talk

“Nothing but quality gear and quality service.


I have to tell you that your description of this bass was absolutely dead on and was a critical factor in my decision to purchase a bass, unseen and unplayed, something I’ve never done before. This bass was one I for which had been searching for a long time, but with no luck until I found Austin Bass Traders. It is a dream to play, was put into use the weekend it arrived and has been in regular use along with my Tobias Killer B6 since then. It is obvious that you handle only the best of basses, clearly know the gear you sell, and are able to articulate the qualities and character of the bass in a way that accurately conveys the essence of the instrument.

Nothing but quality gear and quality service. It was a pleasure dealing with you and everything went well right down to the delivery across the continent. Thanks Glenn!”

Rae Runge


“I don’t live near an Accugroove Dealer. Glenn at ABT talked extensively with me about my needs … until I was ready to buy my cabinet without hearing it.

I ordered an El Whappo on Tuesday, and wanted to have it for my gig that Friday. I was going to be in Austin but needed to get on the road a.s.a.p. in order to get to my gig on time. Glenn met me at the air freight terminal so I could make it!

The El Whappo is even better than I’d imagined, capable of authentically producing every conceivable electric bass sound in state of the art condition.The combination of great service and great buying advice means I will never buy anything ABT sells from anyone but ABT.”

Central/ East Texas


“I am very happy with my MTD 635!

Having played it at a number of gigs and lots of time at home, I can say its sound and playability are absolutely top notch. You both were “instrumental” in the wood selection and the tone is GREAT

So THANKS VERY MUCH for being able to zero in on the tone I wantedand being able to turn wood (etc.) into a real instrument!”

Best wishes,


“The Sadowsky got here this morning—thanks so much for doing a Saturday delivery with Fedex! I didn’t even think to request it, but now I’ll have the bass for tonight’s gig.

The bass is everything you said it was and more. Even the tobacco ‘burst/parchment pickguard combination looks better than the photos. I love it!

It’s been a pleasure dealing with you.”

Mike Zimmerman


“It was my first bass purchase at this quality and price level, but dealing with Glenn made it completely stress-free … in fact, it was a genuine pleasure.
I’d had some pretty nice basses before, but this was going to be my first (and possibly only) instrument purchase at this quality level. With all the possible options available, and with few or no storefronts available anywhere near my area to try some different models prior to purchase, this could have been a preventatively daunting task. However, between Glenn’s artfully crafted descriptions, personal expertise, and superior customer service, I got the right bass for me the first time. I truly could not be any happier with both my instrument as well as my purchasing experience. Glenn is well respected in his field by his peers and suppliers … for good reason.”

Vic Serbe
Decatur, Illinois


“Glenn spent the time with me and made me feel that I was his only customer at that time.”

“I was really skeptical when I saw the advertisement in Bass Player for Austin Bass Traders. I had called several other dealers looking for help and advice in the selection of an amplifier system. Glenn spent the time with me and made me feel that I was his only customer at that time. The price quote was very competitive, and I officially became a customer with my first order. That was several years ago. I have enjoyed a relationship that has enhanced my musical expression. Over the last several years I have acquired not only excellent basses and gear, but knowledge that other dealers either did not know, or were not willing to spend the time to share. My bass/ bass gear advisor and dealer is Glenn Kawamoto at Austin Bass Traders.”

Randall Greene
Orlando, Florida


“If you are looking for a world class bass rig, or that one bass or piece of gear that you need to get “that sound” you’ve been searching for, Glenn either has it or knows how to help you get it. Not only does Glenn have some of the nicest gear around, he is a really fine bassist and genuinely good guy. I am always pleased with Glenn’s service and approach to the business. One of the key benefits of working with Glenn is that because he is such an accomplished bassist he already knows what you want most of the time. He speaks “bass” so if you tell him where you are trying to go he can help you get there.

I was talking with another bassist one night after his gig because I thought he had really nice tone. Turns out he was one of Glenn’s customers. He told me that he once had his rig stolen the day before he had a gig in Galveston (that’s 3 and a half hours from Austin) and Glenn drove down with a full rig just to get him through the gig. That kind service is why people enjoy doing business with Glenn.”

Stan F. Nelson
Houston, Tx


“The thing that puts me at ease when buying from Glenn is that I know I’m not getting pushed into making a decision about a purchase right then and there. Another good thing about working with Glenn is his ability to help you find your sound. I had a bass built that I thought would be the “end-all, be-all” bass. I selected the wood, the electronics, everything … After it was finished it sounded nothing like I thought it would. I talked to Glenn and brought in samples of bass tones that I wanted to emulate. He helped me to find the exact tone I had been hearing in my head for the last two years and now I have a slamming Studio 5 string bass with a clear fundamental, quick attack and big round tone and I didn’t have to waste more time or money …”

Jonathon McFarlen
Austin, Tx


“After I had shopped around on the Net for months for a 5-string, Glenn fixed me up with a beautiful MTD 535 bass with killer tone at an excellent price.
Glenn is extremely knowledgeable on nearly all of the basses on the market; has a great in-depth familiarity with the various tonal characteristics of the vast plethora of woods, pick ups and electronics which are used in constructing basses; and has a talent for matching a bass to your specific playing style and personal preferences. He’s also very knowledgeable on all aspects of bass gear (amps, speakers, road cases, etc.) In short, he’s an extremely valuable resource for any bass player!”

Gil Farias
Honolulu, Hawaii


“For 20 years I have searched for the best sounding equipment all over the U.S. Then I found ABT and realized that Glenn was way ahead of me and had already done all the research.
Glenn is the most knowledgeable person I know on the subject of bass equipment. I totally trust him because he has been 100% correct in all my dealings with him for almost a decade.”

Eddie Tsuru, Bassist for Ron Strikert
Emigrant, Mt
Minneapolis, Mn