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Since 1995, Austin Bass Traders has been “Going beyond the Bass-ics” – providing discriminating musicians with the finest personalized service in selecting the ideal bass instruments, amplification systems and accessories for their recording and performing needs.

At ABT, we take pride in matching the needs and desires of our clients with the perfect instrument. Whether your needs are for touring, studio work, or purely your own musical enjoyment, ABT can help provide you with the perfect bass instrument, amplification system and accessories.

We travel the world seeking out the very best materials and instruments available, made by the finest craftsmen and musical artisans. We’re proud to represent such established brands as Celinder, F Bass, MTD, Marleaux, Epifani, Glockenklang, and TecAmp, as well as many more avant-garde specialists.

Our comprehensive expertise, diverse selections, and commitment to excellence have earned us a reputation for unmatched service and customer satisfaction. We’re always happy to assist the serious musician in their quest for the perfect instrument.

Thanks for visiting. We look forward to helping you find the perfect instrument and accessories to bring out the music from within.