TecAmp Black Jag 900-Now available at www.tecampusa.com

TecAmp Black Jag 900- Now available at www.tecampusa.com

Looking for the ultimate sound machine for your tone? You’ve found it with the BLACK JAG!

 This amp is a “wildcat”. Hidden under its silky fur is a plethora of technological treasure. The versatile four band tone control section with selectable Lo Mid and Hi Mid frequencies is further enhanced by its Lo and High boost switches to offer extremely versatile sound shaping.
Moreover, TecAmp’s “Taste” control allows one to dial in “quick fixes” in an acoustically problematic room, or dramatically contrasting tone shaping to “taste”.

 Finally, with its “Rock” control the BLACK JAG “bares its teeth” by allowing the addition of just the right amount of simulated tube overdrive… from a subtle/ barely perceivable amount of distortion, to make your bass cut through the dense musical mix, to “Copious amounts of power amp distortion for all you rockers.

The back panel sports a vast array of connectors helping you get the most out of your effects and other external devices.

Preamp: solid state preamp with 4-band EQ, Lo and Hi boost, frequency switches for Lo Mid and Hi Mid, Taste and Rock potentiometer, -10 dB switch, Compressor with switchable attack-time, Mute switch, line out and tuner out, transformer balanced XLR DI out pre/post switchable, adjustable line in, separate instrument input on rear, line out, adjustable serial effects loop + line in: mono/stereo Output RMS: 900 w (4 ohms), 600 w (8 ohms)

Outputs: Speakon® combo connectors with ¼“ jack capability

Power Section: Class D power amp with separate volume control for Ch-A and Ch-B,bridged mode and +12dB sub boost option

Power Consumption: 1000 w

DI Out: transformer balanced, pre/post switchable

Cooling: temperature controlled fan

Power Req.: switchable 115/230 V

Optional: Black jag foot switch for mute and compressor, 19” Rackbag

Dimensions: (W x H x D): 
48,26 cm x 8,89 cm x 31 cm / 19” x 3.2” x 12.2”

WEIGHT: 2,8 kg / 4.41 lbs