TecAmp L-410- available from www.tecampusa.com

TecAmp L-410 -now available from www.tecampusa.com

(Courtesy of TecAmp)

The cabinets of the L-series really rock the house with thundering lows and a focused crisp midrange.  

All L-series cabinets offer two “all-access”-handles, slip resistant rubber feet, black tolex, Speakon® connectors and our Tweeter Switching System. This allows both aggressive rock,  and smooth funk and fusion settings in six settings. This makes our cabinets ideal for all genres, playing styles, and sonic preferences.

From the instrument cable strain relief located in the left side handle to the “Ampfixing” bracket which provides secure positioning for all TecAmp amplifiers, this cabinet is long on quality and innovative features.410 CLASSIC


High-quality  10“ Ceramic speakers
Neodymium tweeter NTW 1
Tweeter Switching System
Extremely lightweight construction
Classic grille cloth
Two Speakon® combo connectors with ¼“ jack
Non-slip rubber feet
Two “all access” handles
Strain relief for instrument cable
Ampfixing (amp positioning bracket)


Configuration: 4 × 10” Ceramic speakers
Power RMS: 1200 W
Horn: 1” NTW1 horn with tweeter switching system
Sensitivity: 102 dB
Freq. Response: 35-19.000 Hz
Impedance: 4 ohms or 8 ohms
Connections: Two Speakon® combo connectors with ¼“ jack
Tweeter Switching System
Option: Cover
Dimensions: (W x H x D): 
64 cm x 72 cm x 41 cm / 25.3” x 28.4” x 16.2”
Weight: 30 kg / 66.14 lbs