1965 original Fender Jazz Bass-sunburst

This original/ vintage 1965 Fender Jazz bass is in very good condition for its age. This is the real deal. All original, and in lightly worn condition for its age.

There is finish wear, but none of the “belt buckle rash” with gouges into the wood.

Neck is straight, trussrod turns effectively with room to adjust both ways, and note response is even, delivering typical ’65 J bass punch, clarity, warmth, and power.

While it is not “pristine”, this beauty is very clean, and feels quite inspiring to hold, touch, and play.

Electronics are perfect, and clean. Pickups are not microphonic. Punchy and powerful.

Bridge and pickup covers, original strap buttons and strap included.

Its original hardshell case is in good condition, with light wear for its age.

Selling price $9,750. Please call for further details.